Instagram confirma corte tras flujo de suspensiones de usuarios

Instagram users are currently experiencing issues signing into their accounts, some of them being notified their accounts have been suspended. At the same time, those who manage to log in see that their follower count has dropped.

According to reports on DownDetector, some of the affected users are also seeing “user not found” errors, while others are being asked to provide feedback in order to log in. 

The social media platform says it’s currently investigating these reports and confirmed that some users might have issues logging into their accounts.

“We’re aware that some of you are having issues accessing your Instagram account. We’re looking into it and apologize for the inconvenience,” Instagram’s PR team said.

Based on a massive stream of reports, those who had their accounts suspended are given 30 days to disagree with the suspension and are advised to go through some steps to request a review.

The notifications say the accounts were suspended because they didn’t follow Community Guidelines, and they’ll be permanently disabled if they can’t be confirmed.

“This account isn’t visible to people on Instagram right now, and you can’t use it,” the affected users were also told.

Instagram outage alert
Instagram outage alert (deelsseo)

Today’s outage follows another incident from early October that prevented iOS users from accessing their accounts.

Update November 01, 06:17 EDT: Instagram says the issue has been resolved and confirmed that the same bug was behind fluctuations in follower counts.

“We’ve resolved this bug now – it was causing people in different parts of the world to have issues accessing their accounts and caused a temporary change for some in number of followers. Sorry!,” Instagram’s PR team tweeted.

Fuente: BleepingComputer